Be visible on the internet

How to increase your visibility on the Net?

Refine your presence on the market through your website. Create a website in line with your visual identity and your editorial line. It’s the magic combo between the design and content of your website. Call on an expert to create and federate the elements that will make up your website.

Graphic & web design

Choose to decorate your website the way you decorate your home, the way you want according to your taste.

Websites design and ergonomics

The creation of a website like EHEALTH BUSINESS starts with the technical steps. You must choose a model or a theme for the tree structure of your website. You need to think about the user experience to make your website very pleasant to visit. Call upon a professional for the ergonomic design of your pages.

Then, think about web development and mobile development to meet the needs of web and mobile users at the same time. You will come out a winner.

Natural referencing (SEO)

A well-structured and responsive website, such as VARADES OPTIQUE, with relevant and impactful content is the basis of your SEO.

Which action for which marketing objective?

Une stratégie de webmarketing vous permet d’améliorer votre position sur les moteurs de recherche, d’obtenir plus de visiteurs et de les convertir en leads. Pour ce faire, il est nécessaire d’adopter une action spécifique en fonction de l’objectif. La stratégie de référencement du site Sentir La Vie , par exemple, a permis à la fois de séduire les moteurs de recherche et les internautes. Le référencement SEA vous aide à accéder rapidement à la première page de Google. La stratégie social media vous permet de créer du lien avec vos clients et d’interagir avec votre communauté.

Entrust each of your strategies to a communication agency to enjoy qualitative and quantitative results. Opting for our communication agency means trusting specialists in their sector. For each type of digital project, the digital strategy is a sort of checklist to follow.

A team of digital experts is at your service

From the creation to the referencing of your website, you need a team of experts from a digital agency. You need a developer for the technical part of the website, a webdesigner to take care of the ergonomic part. You may need a UX and UI designer in addition to that.

For your SEO, you need specialists in SEO, SEA and SMO, a real combo to propel your website in the SERPs.

Community management

Enhancing the link with your customers through social networks.

User experience and UX design

UX design is the experience that the Internet user has when visiting your website. There is the visible part which is UI or the user interface and the technical part which is done by the developers.

Mobile app or responsive website?

You can create an app so that Internet users can embed your website independently of the main website. But, the responsive website is a 2-in-1 to have the same website on PC as on mobile.

Quality Netlinking and Backlinks

With the right netlinking strategy, it’s better to combine both of them. This is to obtain quality backlinks or relevant links to your website and to link to other partner websites at the same time.